Rwanda a country of a thousand hills, why is this nickname?

Rwanda is a landlocked hilly and mountainous country in central Africa, with a total land area of approximately 26,338 square kilometers. The country’s capital, “Kigali,” is surrounded by rolling hills on all sides extending to the north, west, south and eastern parts. Rwanda is affectionately known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills” due to the land’s hilly and mountainous physical natural beauty.

This makes it a paradise to the hikers for its amazing trails which offer challenges for every experience level from those who prefer walking without difficulty  to those who are used to hiking and trekking to the highest peaks for the best views. All the way from Volcanoes mountains in the north, continuously to the Congo-Nile trail along the shores of Lake Kivu in the west and down to Nyungwe National Park in the south.In this blog we are revealing  the major trails for hikers in Rwanda.  Read More “Rwanda a country of a thousand hills, why is this nickname?”