Activities included; visit Ntarama and Bugesera Genocide memorials, Mugesera lake visit.

Itinerary: At 9 AM, the tour departs for the Bugesera district in the east, where we first go to the Ntarama genocide memorial then Nyamata Genocide memorial. There, you will learn much about the complex issues regarding ethnic differences and the roles that the Catholic Church and other colonial powers played in the events leading up to the genocide.

We visit Lake Bugesera, which is home to a variety of fish, for some leisure after learning about the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis in Bugesera. From there, we get the opportunity to see a variety of bird species and take a short boat ride to the tour’s conclusion before returning to your stay.

We spend some leisure time in Lake Bugesera, which is home to a variety of fish, after learning about the 1994 genocide that took place there against the Tutsis. After that, we have the chance to view a range of bird species and conclude the tour with a quick boat ride before heading back to your accommodations.


Description: Mount Kigali is Kigali’s second highest summit . Along the way, we will trek to the summit, where we can take in a panoramic view of the city and its surrounds, as well as engage in a variety of interesting activities based on mount Kigali.

Itinerary: the tour begins at 8 am when we pick you from your stay and head to Mount Kigali, we do different activities of your choice and have lunch there.

The second stop is Nyandungu urban wet land. Rwandan tourism park that enables eco-friendly travel for visitors to explore Nyandungu Valley’s natural surroundings and wildlife. Essential features of the park include paved walkways, eating places, gallery woods, medicinal plant gardens, and beautiful ponds.

End of the tour.

Activities included: Zip lining, Quad biking, Archery, Horse riding, Hiking and Nyandungu wet land visit

Twin Lakes Day Trip

Tour description:

Activities included: Nyabingi short Hike, a boat trip in the lake, swimming ( optional )

Itinerary: the trip begins at 8 am with a drive from Kigali to Burera for 2 hours. Reaching the twin lakes, we do short hike on hills surrounding the lakes where on their top there is a magnificent view of both the twin lakes. You will be guided all the way during the hike and get to meet local people and share stories of their unique interesting life style.

After the hike with beautiful picture of the landscape in Burera, we go for a boat trip which takes us to an island where we have lunch and enjoy the fresh air provided by all the green vegetation in the surrounding. A swim in the may be taken too if want to, because there are no dangerous animals in the lakes.

The next activity is the ride back to Kigali, where we leave Burera with tones of beautiful picture and a mind full of stories about the local life style and history of Rwanda.


One Day Gorilla tracking trip

    Activities included: Gorilla trekking, visiting Iby’ iwacu culture village.

    Itinerary: the tour begins at 4 am in the morning with 2.5 hours drive to Musanze, reaching the Volcanoes national park we have a coffee break followed by a briefing about the park we are visiting

    After the briefing we head to the trekking starting point, the Gorilla trekking takes three to four hours with thirty minutes spent together with these magnificent creatures.

    After the Gorilla trekking we go lunch after which we visit the Iby’ Iwacu culture village and learn more about Rwandan culture and life style of the ancient Rwanda then head back to Kigali afterwards.

    One Day Mount Bisoke hiking


    Activities included: hiking Mount Bisoke, visiting Iby’ Iwacu culture village.

    Itinerary: the tour begins at 4 am in the morning with 2.5 hours drive to Musanze, reaching the Volcanoes national park we have a coffee break followed by a briefing about the park we are visiting

    After the briefing we head to the trekking starting point and begin the hike which lasts six hours. On top of this volcanoes there is a beautiful crater lake where you will take many memorable picture while breathing the fresh air on top of a 3.7 kilometers high mountain.

    After the Bisoke hikking we go lunch after which we visit Iby’ Iwacu culture village and learn more about Rwandan culture and life style of the ancient Rwanda then head back to Kigali afterwards.

    Two days Golden Monkey trek and lake Kivu holiday


    Activities included: Golden monkey trek, Iby’Iwacu culture village visit, lake Kivu boat trip, island visit and night fishing experience.

    Itinerary: Day 1

    We leave Kigali for Musanze early at 4 am, a 2.5 hours drive. Reaching the Volcanoes national park, we have a coffee break followed by a briefing about the park. The golden monkey trek begins at 7 am and lasts between one to three hours.

    After the trek, we visit Iby’Iwacu culture village for an hour then go for lunch, after which we leave for Gisenyi where we spend the night by the lake after an amazing night fishing experience.

    Day 2

    A relaxation morning at the lake shore enjoying Rwandan cuisine, in the afternoon we do boat trip experience and visit islands for two hours then return to Kigali.


    TOUR DESCRIPTION: Nyungwe forest is the is Africa’s largest Afro-Montane Forest, home to thirteen primate species including the famous chimpanzees and many more. In Nyungwe there many tourism activities such as canopy walk, chimpanzee trekking, different hiking trails with magnificent views of the rain forest and animals meet on the way during the trek.

    1. One day Nyungwe tour

    Itinerary: Day 1

    We take off from Kigali early in the morning at 04 a.m heading South-west to Nyungwe National Forest, a trip of 5 hours.

    After a lengthy trip, we stop for a quick break at the Uwinka Visitor Center in Nyungwe before receiving a briefing about the trail we will be hiking. The hike starts at 10 a.m. and lasts for 1:30 hours. After the trek, it will be close to lunchtime. We will have lunch and then return to Kigali, stopping along the way to visit the King’s Palace Museum.

    The last monarch of Rwanda, King Mutara 3 RUDAHIGWA, lived in the King’s Palace Museum. We tour various rooms of the royal palace and pay a visit to the exquisite royal cows, Inyambo. A visit lasting one and a half hours. After the king’s palace museum we head to Kigali for a 2.5 hours drive.


    Activities: King’s palace museum, Huye ethnographic museum, Nyungwe canopy walk, chimpanzee trek

    Itinerary: Day 1

    The tour starts at 06 a.m with a drive south to Nyungwe Forest National Park. We stop at the King’s Palace Museum for a 1.5-hour visit before continuing on to Nyungwe where we spend two hours on the canopy walk trail in the afternoon. Afterward we head to the hotel to rest and get ready for the next day.

    Day 2

    Our trip to the park starts at 5 am, then at 5:30 am we start tracking chimpanzees. Depending on where the famous chimpanzees are located, the procedure can take three to five hours.

    Following the trek, we have lunch and then return to Kigali, stopping along the route to visit an ethnographic museum.

    Exclusions: water and snacks, lunch, professional guide, pickup and drop off to your stay or airport.

    Exclusions: personal expenses, other drinks than soft drinks



    The tour encompasses the best of Rwandan culture and history in general, especially in Kigali, where we visit the memorial to the genocide, an art gallery, a local market, and other exciting locations.


    The tour begins at 8 am, then we head to Kigali genocide memorial the final rest for 250,000 victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis. At the memorial visitors can have a profound experience there that encourages peacemaking and reconciliation.

    We make a second visit at an art gallery that features seventeen artists from throughout East Africa. There, we see how Rwandan and East African artists create their works of art, visit their workshop, and, if necessary, have a brief period of time to paint something.

    Third stop: The Kimironko local market, the second-largest in the city, where farmers from outside Kigali villages come very early in the morning to sell the crops they grow so that retailers may sell it while it’s still fresh. A wide range of locally grown produce, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish may be found in the market. We will discover the Kitenge fabric for fashion and much more in the arts and crafts section.

    Due to the coming lunch hour, we will be heading to one of Kigali’s finest restaurants where we may enjoy both native Rwandan cuisine and foreign cuisine. We visit Caplaki Craft Village after lunch, which has an amazing selection of handmade crafts and souvenirs in addition to artwork. You are free to shop until you drop.

    Next visit is at Belgian peace keeper’s memorial where 10 Belgian UN soldiers were brutally murdered by Hutu extremists in order to compel the UN to withdraw its forces, which opened the door for the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi to begin in its full scope.

    Last visit of the day is at the old town Nyamirambo. This is the part of the city that never sleeps, it’s super packed and busy all hours of the day but it doesn’t make it unsafe. The painted walk way with artwork emphasizing discipline and Rwandan values of a decent individual is the most lively aspect.

    What`s included: private transportation, Guidance (In English & Francais), drinking water, pickup and drop off at your stay.

    Exclusions: Food, other drink than water

    Akagera national park trip

    Explore the magnificent Akagera, the only Big Five park in Rwanda and the largest protected wetland in Central Africa. It is the last haven for savannah-adapted species and has an incredible conservation story as it is now home to lions and rhinos. A trip to Akagera can be done in one day as well as over multiple days, which enhances the experience.

    • Day trip

    Itinerary: our driver guide picks you from your stay at 5 a.m and head east of Rwanda in a two and a half hours drive with short coffee break at imigongo café.

    Reaching the park, have a briefing about the park then continue with the whole game drive, a lunch break shall be taken at mihindi camp site after which the game drive continues up to the north exit of the park then head back to Kigali.

    • Two Days trip

    Itinerary: Day 1

    We head east to the Akagera National Park after being picked up at the hotel around nine in the morning. After receiving an overview of the park upon arrival, we have lunch, have a short wildlife drive before boarding a boat to witness the majestic hippopotamuses, nile crocodiles, cape buffaloes, and elephants. After the boat journey, we make our way to your park lodging so you can rest well and prepare for the full game drive the next day.

    Day 2

    Enjoy a full game drive, searching the whole park for amazing wildlife that thrives in its native environment. After the entire game drive, we return to Kigali with plenty of photos and a brain full of knowledge and memories of Rwanda’s wildlife.

    • Three days akagera trip

    Itinerary: Day 1

    We depart the hotel at nine in the morning and proceed east to the Akagera National Park. After receiving an orientation on the park upon arrival, we have lunch, have a short game drive to Lake Ihema, and board a boat to witness the majestic hippopotamuses, nile crocodiles, cape buffaloes, and elephants. We go to your park accommodation after the boat ride so you can unwind thoroughly and be ready for the full game drive the next day.

    Day 2

    On this day, we spend the night on the north side of the park. The following morning, we drive to the open lands to see herbivores grazing and carnivores eating their night kill before they go to rest during the day. Full game drive on the lakes side, where there is probably more vegetation and more herbivores.

    Day 3

    On the third day, we use the mountain routes to see species such as cape elands and many more, then we return to Kigali.

    Golden monkeys trekking and Lake Kivu

    4 Days Kigali & Golden Monkeys

    Day 1: Arrival and pick up

    If you are starting your trip from Kigali, we will pick you from given address, if you are arriving to airport, you will meet company representative at Kigali international airport, for breafing and introduction. From there, according to arrival time, drive to the chosen hotel in Kigali where you will stay for overnight and dinner.

    Day 2: Visit Memorial site and transfer to Volcanoes National Park

    In the morning, after breakfast, you will visit Gisozi memorial site to learn about genocide against Tutsi in 1994, a history of Rwanda of how genocide was prepared and how it has been stopped by 600 Soldiers. From there, we will have lunch in Kigali at one of the local restaurants before we take a road trip to northern side of Rwanda. We will drive to well-known Musanze as it is the home of five volcanoes. Drive to the chosen accommodation where we shall have dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 3: Golden monkeys trekking and transfer to Gisenyi

    In the morning after breakfast, you will take breakfast and then drive to Kinigi Reception for briefing about golden monkeys, at 7:30 Am, after you will drive to the starting point with park guide, where you will leave cars and stat walk into the forest for golden monkeys trekking, those are one of primate species, they are very stubborn as they keep on moving from one trees to another, they are having golden color almost whole body which is the source of their name. then later you will have lunch and drive to Gisenyi for evening stay, overnight.

    Day4: Pfunda tea plantation Visit and Experience.

    In the morning, you will enjoy breakfast at lake kivu, and then ride the boat to Pfunda tea plantation for starting visit at farm, try harvest with local people, experience how harvesting of tea leaves be done, then later transfer to pfunda tea factory to experience the production process of Rwanda tea, you will have lunch over there with local people. drive back to Kigali for airport transfer or drop of to Kigali accommodation.

    Congo Nile trail experience

    Day1: Arrival to Kigali airport.

    Welcome to Kigali! Meet and greet with company representatives, according to your arrival time, you will be picked from airport and transfer to the hotel in Kigali, introduction and breathing of the activities with details of the trip to be started on the next day, time for check in, dinner and stay for overnight.

    Day2: From Kigali to Twin Lakes Burera & Ruhondo

    In the morning hours after breakfast, you will drive to Northern part of Rwanda, at side of twin Lakes (Burera and Ruhondo) for visiting this side with canoe ride and enjoying the view of 5 volcanoes, you will have lunch over there, then later drive back to Musanze for overnight and dinner.

    Day 3: Visit Buhanga Eco Park

    another morning after breakfast, will be a full day at Volcanoes National Park and a major. This will be a day of one of activities natural walk-in trail of Buhanga eco-Park, exploration in the magnificent Volcanoes National Park, the oldest national park in Africa! Located in the northwestern region of Rwanda and spanning into the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, Volcanoes National Park is named after a dormant chain of volcanoes, the Virunga Massif. The park is the home of the endangered insects, and 200 species of colorful birds that live in a montane ecosystem that boasts of evergreen and bamboo forests, open grassland, swamp, and heath. With well-versed guides leading the way. from there you will be back to the hotel.

    Day 4: Bisoke hiking and crater lake and drive to Gisenyi

    This day early in the morning, drive to Musanze for a very quick breakfast, you will be transferred to the reception of the park, for meeting your park guide for breathing and you will leave head to the starting point where you will leave cars, and walk for hiking a mountain which is 3711m, it’s a good experience when you reach on top with nice look of crater lake and view, later you be back down transferred to your hotel for rest, overnight and supper

    Day 5: Gisenyi to Kinunu

    This is the first day of cycling. After a morning breakfast, set off from Gisenyi roughly 41 kilometers to kinunu. You will ride on the steepest elevation, which will take you roughly 5 to 6 hours. Dinner and overnight at


    Kinunu guesthouse.

    Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Day 6: Kinunu to KubuyeHave breakfast, and setoff for kibuye. This is quite

    a strenuous and taxing ride through the hilly ridges, which spread over Kibuye. Expect to ride for 50 kilometers, which will last for roughly 5 to 8 hours ride. Diner and overnight at

    Day 7: Kibuye to Mugonero

    After a morning breakfast, get on to your bikes and set of for Mugonero which is roughly 35 kilometers from kibuye. This day is a short and less tiring since it does not include highest elevation. The ride takes you 2- 5 hours on an average speed. Dinner and overnight at

    Day 8: Mugonero to Kibogora

    On this day, you will ride descending to the lake kivu roughly 144o meters down after which you will ride back to 1750 meters above the sea level. The ride ascending is roughly 10 kilometers. Dinner and overnight at

    Day 9: Kibogora to Kamembe

    This is the last day of riding. Have breakfast and ride approximately 54 kilometers on a tamack road to kamembe. This ride is less strenuous with minor hills, which make it easy to ride through. It will take you 5 to 6 hours reaching in the early evening. Dinner and overnight at

    Day10: Transfer to Kigali for drop off

    Early in the morning Enjoy your breakfast and drive in Kigali to catch up with your sight-seeing Get a sense for the history as on the way back to Kigali, you will pass by king’s palace to see Rwandan history from colonial period and kingdom era, from there after lunch you will be transferred to your hotel and transfer to your hotel or airport.

    You are reminded to bring a camera, rain jacket, enough drinking water and sunscreen for a memorable experience.