Museums of Rwanda


History is there to be told. The institute of museums of Rwanda comprises 6 museums including the Ethnographic museum which is well known as the national museum and every single aspect of this museum is unbelievable. From the outside of the Museum to each gallery, you will see outrageous beautiful details. It is very educational and has 7 display galleries. There is also Rwanda museum of natural history, Kings palace known as Nyanza royal palace which is a little odd but has some good and well-presented history, maps and photos.  How can we forget the “Choose Kigali art gallery” which is a one of a kind experience. Amazing food and art gallery combined with a great view of Kigali. Rwanda art museum located within the former presidential palace is primarily a contemporary art museum, with pieces ranging from paintings and sculptures to ceramics and mixed media. And there is also the Museum of Environment which acts as an educational aid on how to co-exist and utilize natural resources in a sustainable way. Its mandate is to educate the public on how to utilize the environment without destroying it and therefore benefit from it for generations. A visit to this museum will give you a glimpse of climate change in relation to Rwanda and how the people and government are responding to it.There are others like the Rwanda museum of natural history known as Kandt house, Murambi genocide memorial centre, Rwanda African art museum, National liberation museum and campaign against genocide. We learn not only Rwanda’s pre-colonial past, but also about the country’s progress and its rich cultural heritage.

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