Gishwati-Mukura National park


ishwati-Mukura National park set in the western part of Rwanda is one of the few remaining natural forests and biodiversity hotspots in the Congo-Nile divide within the Albertine rift Region. Its hilly landscape gives a wonderful lateral and top view. Its biodiversity includes eastern chimpanzees, mountain and golden monkeys, serval, genet, civet, small mammals, amphibians,  reptiles, more than 120 species of birds and more than 250 species of plants.The two forests have experienced a long period of degradation due to human encroachment, more significantly Gishwati forest. For instance, from its original size of 700 km² in the 1930s the core forest of Gishwati was reduced only to 6 km² in 2002. Thanks to collaborative conservation efforts, Gishwati forest now expands to about 15.70 km². Furthermore, in February 2016, the Government has decided to uphold the conservation effort of Mukura and Gishwati forests from Forest Reserves to a National Park As souvenirs, beautiful art handcrafts and local products are available at the park reception center, Community Exhibition Center, and at nearby shops. For other market and resto services, the nearby towns provide the best opportunities to experience Africa and Rwanda art galleries, colors and food flavors.Visiting GMNP park is a precious opportunity to explore its biodiversity, enjoying hiking, trekking and biking on various trails in and around the park.

Languages spoken
Kinyarwanda & English
Currency used
Area (km2)
15.70 km²


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