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Kigali Genocide Memorial is located in the city of Kigali and provides a dignified final resting place for over 250,000 victims of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. There is a visitor centre for students and others wishing to understand the events leading up to the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994 against Tutsi.There is also Ntarama which is a former Catholic church and is now a memorial site where five thousand people were massacred on 15 April 1994.Ntarama is located in Bugesera district. Murambi Memorial center is also one of the Genocide memorial center which provides a dignified final resting place for over 50,000 victims. Murambi Genocide Memorial Centre, is situated near the town of Murambi in southern Rwanda. Bisesero is another Genocide memorial site where around 40,000 victims rests.The memorial is on a hill at the small settlement of Bisesero which is about 60 km by road from Kibuye.Nyamata Genocide Memorial center is also where many Tutsi people gathered as churches were considered a place of safety. About 10,000 people gathered there and the people locked themselves in. The church walls today show how the perpetrators made holes in the walls of the church so that grenades could be thrown into the church. After this the people inside were shot or killed with machetes. The ceiling of the church shows the bullet holes and the altar cloth is still stained with blood of the people that were murdered. Most of the remains have been buried but clothing and identity cards are left.There is also Campaign Against Genocide museum. The parliament building was chosen as the location for this museum which is the campaign against the genocide, how it was planned and executed by the Rwanda Patriotic Army regardless of the withdrawal of the United Nation troops from Rwanda during the genocide. The museum also highlights how the 600 hundred RPA soldiers rescued victims. One of its popular monuments is a machine gun that was used by RPA armies residing in the parliament building to mitigate genocidal forces.

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