Congo-Nile trail


While hiking or biking the Congo Nile Trail through the rolling hills, it passes different plantations and villages.  Cyclers and Hikers, Congo-Nile is the best deal for both cycling and hiking adventure that takes place along the shores of lake Kivu and through the great Nyungwe Forest National Park. It offers a trailer of beautiful nature sceneries. Many of the villages along the Congo Nile Trail have specialized in making traditional crafts. Common crafts are various types of traditional pottery and different types of weaving. The making of crafts in the villages are often organized in the form of cooperatives who support and train each other and share profits. Most of these craft making cooperatives are happy to have visitors to join them in craft making or who come to purchase some of their crafts. For pottery making tours along the Congo Nile Trail, you can visit Kiguri Pottery Rubavu or Kigano Pottery at Ishara Beach outside Nyamasheke. Nearby Gishwati Forest you will find COOVAKARU Cooperative of women who weave baskets and other things. They are happy to have visitors join them in craft making or one of their other traditional experiences. Compared to other places you might go hiking in Africa there is no large wildlife in Rwanda outside of the national parks. You do not have to worry about bumping into a herd of buffalo while hiking or biking the Congo Nile Trail.The lack of wild animals also goes for Lake Kivu.  Many other African Lakes are dangerous since there are often hippos and crocodiles living in them. There are no dangerous animals in Lake Kivu and you can feel safe to refresh on one of the lake’s beaches after a day’s hiking or biking the trail. The trail experience offers you a chance to challenge your hiking and cycling abilities and this experience is best done by adventure lovers, nature lovers, birders and anyone who loves a good challenge.

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